Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A taste of spring

Photo by Martino, more here

I love this weather. When I was a kid, I thought spring was a big waste of time. I wanted to either be sledding or swimming. This in-between time wasn't good for me, so it wasn't good for anyone. Now I know what it's all about.

This morning, I decided it was time to make the big switch from ice bicyclette avec studs, to the asphalt velocipede. There was ice in a few spots on my commute earlier this week, but today it was all gone. It was perfect wool t-shirt weather. I flew to work with the fresh air blowing over my back.

The old bike fit back in place like it had never left. My hands fell into place on the drops, letting me pull with each crank of the pedals. The clunk of the rear derailleur with each shift sounded just right, and the clicking of the bottom bracket sounded, well, just like I remembered it.

I even had another cyclist to wave to this morning. Instead of looks of pity from nearby pedestrians, I felt like they were wondering where their bikes were.

Now I'm looking forward to the ride home.

Thanks for all the photographs, Martino!


Darren J 3/14/2007 12:43:00 p.m.


Great post! I learned my lesson biking yesterday afternoon (up the Avenue Road hill wearing long pants and an open winter jacket)... and was ecstatic waking up this morning to +11C temps - I wore shorts and a t-shirt and windbreaker in celebration. Sure, we won't get this again until mid-April or so... but that's okay. :) Great pic, Martino!
Now that the junk has melted from the sides of the road, I feel like I'm almost ready to get back on the streets.

Walking up Woodbine from Hwy 7 had me wishing for my bike this morning.
The first warm day this week I made the mistake of assuming that the bike path would be melted too along the lake. Some of it was, but I got very wet going through the massive puddle buildup :) Great weather though.

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