Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If I were Prime Minister ...

I have to link to the excellent account given on Torontoist of the Stephen Lewis, David Suzuki and Eleanor Wachtel meeting in Toronto this week. You can even listen to the entire event on BlogTO. One of the best moments is when Stephen Lewis says that it's us who have put the environment on the agenda. Our government is following, not leading, so it's up to us to make ourselves heard.

By the way, if I were Prime Minister, the first law I would pass would be called the Freedom of Speech Act (following the same naming convention as the "Clean Air Act". If there's already an act called that, I could consider calling it the "Freedom to Freely Expose Your Thoughts And Face The Consequences Act"). This Act would promote free speech with the following features:

1. Any television newscaster would be immediately banned from appearing on our public airwaves after saying "bet they don't believe in global warming in (insert region dealing with snowstorm here) anymore!"

2. Any person dropping a kid off at school in an SUV on a snowy day who says "Whew, good thing I bought an SUV!" would have the gas tank disconnected and the floor cut out on the SUV, so the person could get around Flintstones-style. Or they could just walk with their kid to school.

You might be able to catch up with David Suzuki at one of his other stops on his tour. He'll be in Markham this weekend.


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