Monday, April 02, 2007

Other people cycling and writing

I'm usually apprehensive to give myself a title, like "writer" or "cyclist", but I'll imply both as I point out a few other cyclists who write. As it warms up and many people are considering starting to ride bikes to commute or generally get around, it helps to see some examples, and how others enjoy it.

A newish blog called Planetary Gears had a post last week about bike commuting. I like the philosophy. Don't worry too much about special equipment, just figure out a way to do it.

"If you wish to ride your bicycle to work, two things are necessary:
1. A functional bicycle
2. A functional bicycle route

Number 1 is easy. If you have a bike, pump up the tires and you're ready to go...."

Over on Open Hand Open Eye, we're reminded of the joy of cycling. It's true that the main reason I started cycling to work was because I enjoyed riding my bike, and this seemed like the most likely way I would get to ride my bike often. There's also the sheer satisfaction and feeling of independence when you can get yourself around by your own strength. It's one of only a few forms of exercise that I've been able to keep up regularly. So cycling just falls into place.

Cycling for transportation does benefit society, and the reason for cyclists bringing it up often is not because we want to preach, but just because it seems to not be noticed by our governments. If it were noticed, and some money was spent on it (or if it was considered in city plans), many more people could enjoy it, leading to more good stuff for everyone. Everyone would be happy. QED.

Best of all is the story on BlogTO of Kevin who is starting to ride a bike to get around in Toronto. He posts his story of Bike Noob Adventures: The Two-Wheel Bandwagon, and he promises a follow up.

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