Monday, April 17, 2006

Various thoughts, news and beautiful days

When I first started riding my bike to work, it would be on my mind all day long. I would think:

"That was a good ride in."

"I can't wait until my ride home."

"I wonder if my clothes are dry yet."

"I wonder if anyone parked their car close to my bike."

"Has anyone stopped by my bike to check out the awesome tape-job I did on the handlebars?"

"I wonder if my bike is still standing up straight."

"Is someone going to steal my unlocked front wheel?"

"I really kicked ass going up that hill."

Lot's of unimportant stuff that seemed important since it was something different from my usual routine. Now it has become such a regular part of my day that it barely crosses my mind until I am about to get ready to go. Instead, if I ever have to drive my car, it just drives me crazy as I sit still inside it thinking about what I'm missing out on.

The weather is beautiful out there. I wore shorts for the first time of the year yesterday, and it'll be shorts again tonight.

In other totally unrelated news, San Francisco has adopted a resolution to recognize Peak Oil and the need to prepare for it. Here's another link. It seems strange to me when people talking about peak oil get characterized as chicken littles. It is a known scientific fact that peak oil will come. It's just a matter of when.

I rode with another cyclist for a couple kilometres yesterday. It was no mini-mass, but it was nice to have company for a short stretch.

Happy warm weather cycling!

Darren J 4/17/2006 11:05:00 p.m.


As a temp, one of the things that I love about new jobs is figuring out the parking, finding a good route to work, guaging the reaction to having a full-time cyclist in the office and so on.

No one ever comes in and says that they had a great drive in or that the bus totally nailed a tight double chicane without losing much speed. I'm also yet to find a driver boast that they found a new little parkette that they can rip through and cut up a sideroad to knock 30 seconds of their journey.

Ironically, even though cycle commuters always tend to look for the fastest route to work, like pretty much all other commuters, they're also the only commuter that will extend their commute just for kicks.
Nice observations, Across Canada. No matter how rough a day at work is, there's always the commute to look forward to. So many people don't know what they're missing out on.

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