Friday, March 31, 2006

That March Heat

Looks like I'm going to skip new pants and make the switch to shorts. I forgot how hot I get riding my bike, even if it was "just" 10 degrees C this morning.

I've been putting so much moisturizer on my hands for the past month that my skin has become soft and supple. My calluses that I built up over last summer with great pride are now gone. Leaning and pushing on my handlebars without gloves for the past few days has made it obvious that I have some work to do to build that thick skin back up again.

The sky is about to explode. I have my raincoat, but I hope it can wait a little longer.

Before leaving this morning, I knew that choosing to use my bike would mean there was a good chance I would get rained on tonight, but I didn't want to miss a great day like this by spending the whole day inside. It looked like there were still quite a few other cyclists who had similar feelings, as Joe has been noticing too. I'm going to start counting cyclists again. Last year at the end of the summer I would see somewhere between 8 to 12 during my ride to work.

Darren J 3/31/2006 03:30:00 p.m.


For me, counting in the winter was easy (5-10) - but now, if I concentrated on counting, I'd be taking brain activity from the whole watching-out-for-cars-and -pedestrians thing. :) Are you coming to Critical Mass? I think the rain may be past us by then.
As you know by now, I didn't make it down to Critical Mass. I'll do it some time, but everything has to be aligned for it to work for me since it's a long ride to get there.
I recently shifted from Danforth/Warden > Queen/Yonge to Danforth/Warden > Sheppard/Yonge.

The count has dropped from 5-10 to 4 over double the mileage (7 to 13 miles). I guess the city riders just don't enjoy trawling up Bayview in the morning, I can't imagine why.

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