Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cyclists and their generosity

After yesterday's post, Herb did some research and came up with this thorough analysis of the common misconception that by driving a car around you are helping the finances of your city and province.

Thanks, Herb! Anyone feel like writing a letter? (I'd do it myself but I'm a freeloading cyclist.)

If idling really gets to you, that same guy, Jacob Richler, wrote a piece against the idling by-law today. It's behind their subscription-wall. He makes some fair points about the wonders of the modern catalytic converter but fails to recognize the simplicity of turning your key off and reducing your pollution and consumption to zero. However, the piece is really a complaint about how he idles all over the city while stuck behind pedestrians, cyclists and street-cars. There's no mention of all the cars packed in front of him. I feel like I'm falling right into their trap.

Darren J 4/05/2006 07:46:00 a.m.


There's a "spirited" discussion of this article (the monster one) over on Urban Toronto
Now I remember why I cancelled my subscription to the National Post.

/me slaps forehead

I can't believe these two articles.

Perhaps Mr. Richler should extract himself from his automobile from time to time and try cycling, walking or transit-riding.

Funny how he calls cyclists freeloaders when he is a food critic where someone else picks up the tab...
I just came across this on the allderblob.

I'm learning so much!
Thanks for speaking up over there, Joe.
The same kind of article seems to come up time and time again. Driver writes into the newspaper that cyclists are freeloaders because they don't pay the gas tax. They don't even begin to comprehend how much driving is subsidized through all of its societal costs. The roads cyclists are allowed on (ie not the 401) are typically funded by the municipalities (ie through property tax) which is not dependent on auto ownership. Cyclists will write a letter to the editor to point these things out.

I'd write a letter but I'm tired of this debate that happens time and time again, and I think by some point it becomes clear that people like Jacob are just selfish, ill-informed morons that needs no response.

Here's an old rant I made from a similar article
I wrote a response this morning calling into question the rampant factual inaccuracies of the aricles and challenging the author to defend his journalistic credibility which I likened to the environmental cost of a bicycle - negligible.

Across the top of today's edition it said "Greening the Food Guide". Next week, they just need to change the word "guide" to "critic". Now that sounds like an exciting story! I don't know what it would entail exactly, but it could eventually branch off into a reality TV show.

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