Thursday, September 14, 2006


This is perfect weather to be outside. I was disappointed this morning when I looked out the window and thought it looked like winter. And the weather reports this week keep saying how the week looks bad, but it'll shape up to be a nice weekend. It turns out to be just right for a wool t-shirt, pants and a bicycle. I'm glad my week has a full seven days to enjoy.

Two weeks ago, my wife gave me a new wool t-shirt. She knew how much I liked my other one and thought it would be good to have more than one shirt to wear and sweat in for 6 months straight. The wool shirts are a bit pricey, but are comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.

I picked one in a strong orange colour. Orange is the new black for men apparently, like pink is the new black for women. Although I heard pink is no longer the new black for women, so maybe orange has lost its status also. Either way, the orange stands out on the road, and it helps with getting noticed and looking cool in front of a school bus full of children, who are all potential future bike commuters. (I passed four school buses stuck in a traffic jam this morning while slowly making my way up a hill. I felt every eye on me.)

If you're thinking of buying a stylin' wool jersey, I noticed Jun is looking for people to go in with on designing and purchasing a batch of wool shirts. Now's your chance to be an artist.

Darren J 9/14/2006 01:37:00 p.m.


I had a longsleeve merino wool jersey, it was very comfortable. Then moths thought it looked yummy and no more wool shirt.
I guess knitting yourself one is out of the question?!
Well, I don't think that it's going to happen, given the tepid response.

I agree with you about orange, though; it's a great colour and is associated with lots of bike history.

BTW the lightweight MEC wool shirts (both long and short sleeves) come in an off orange colour "persimmon" that is a lot more attractive in real life than the pale image on the website. They are about 8 or 9/10ths of the quality of an icebreaker shirt at half the price.
Wool is the new spandex? Only if it were so.

I'll have to check out the MEC offerings. I was interested in a a bona fide jersey with pockets in the back to keep snacks and the like handy. A pocket-less shirt is more practical for everyday use though.
Mine are both regular t-shirt style from MEC. They shrink a bit, but other than that they're fine with me. And they go on sale at the store every now and then.

Hope you get a few more takers Jun. I guess you would need a high number to make it worthwhile.

I've just discovered that I have orange-persimmon colour blindness.
I'm going to have to look into these... as well as balaclavas for my face - which was consistently the coldest part of my body cycling to work last winter.

Although, what if another colour has replaced orange? Oh well. When I wear my yellow t-shirts, cars seem to see me better, so bright is good. :)
The smartwool balaclava is awesome; much better than anything else I've seen. However, it is pricey and hard to find.

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