Saturday, September 10, 2005

Terry Fox

If you don’t know who Terry Fox is, I’d definitely recommend reading his story. And you can check out his journal entries too.

The short version is this: he lost a leg to cancer, then decided to raise money for cancer research by running from one end of Canada to the other. For 143 days, he was running roughly a marathon every day with his one leg. He got too sick after reaching Thunder Bay and ended his run. Every year since then, people all over Canada, and around the world, get together for a run in September to continue to raise money for cancer research.

The run this year is on September 18th (next weekend). I’ll be running along the Don River at the Wilket Creek location. This is an important cause that affects everyone I know, and so it seems appropriate that I push myself. Instead of doing the 10 km, I’m going to run it twice. This will be further than I’ve ever run. If you want to join me for the 20 km, send me an email and I’ll look for you at the start. If you want to donate something, look here.

Darren J 9/10/2005 01:20:00 a.m.


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