Friday, September 02, 2005

This journal

There are lots of people around writing about their cycling experiences on the web. I hope this online journal will provide something unique and useful for at least a few visitors.

I live inside the edge of the pedestrian friendly part of the city. About 200 metres away, the major roads have cars going 80 km/h (not legally), and the closest bike path is probably 2 km away and goes nowhere useful for me. So the things that I've learned over this summer of riding my bike from here to Richmond Hill have been unique to someone outside of the downtown core, or along the lakefront. And I'm sure I'll keep finding out more as I make this a bigger part of my life, and continue into the colder weather.

I'll start bringing my camera along on my ride soon. I love riding my bike to work. I wish more people realized how good it feels, and how beautiful and relaxing it can be to ride every day in northern Toronto and York region. We may not have bike paths, but we do have neighbourhood streets that are very comfortable to ride on.

I also hope to make notes here about interesting ideas I see people with around the world. Many people are opening up to living more efficiently and independantly, and the more ideas, tests, failures and successes, the better.

And finally, I wanted to have somewhere to write down whatever seems important to me, giving a reader something decent to sample from and get an idea of what goes on in my head. Then next time I make an inflamatory comment on someone else's blog, a reader might be able to look here and say "Hey, maybe that guy isn't as crazy as I thought!" Or maybe not.

Darren J 9/02/2005 09:50:00 p.m.


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