Tuesday, October 04, 2005

P.G.W.B. and the S.C.

A teenager returns home from driving his parents car around. He walks in the door and says "Mom, Dad, I smashed up the car pretty bad. It rolled three times and it looks like it'll be a right-off." And the parents respond "Oh my gosh, we're just happy you're alright." Then, the kid clarifies "Actually, I bumped it into my friends car, and it has a dent in the door."

I think most teenagers have tried this before, and it doesn't really get them that far. But it looks like Bush is giving it a try anyways.

Someone with no experience as a judge, he would like to be on the highest court in the country. I'm guessing this nominee will not go through, then everyone is expected to say to the next nominee, "Well at least you have some experience." In the meantime, everyone is supposed to be happy with her because she has never had the opportunity to voice extremely "conservative" views, so there's a chance she is not "conservative".

That said, at least the Americans have a review process for their Supreme Court, allowing some public scrutiny and opportunity for refusal from other democratic institutions.

Darren J 10/04/2005 12:46:00 p.m.


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